For years of doing research about wicker furniture and customers’ demand, we deeply have a passion in developing strongly this product line as well as blending it closer to people around the world. In fact, PORA’s mission is to become one of high-end wick- er manufacturers in Viet Nam which provides variable ranges of wicker furniture products for both indoor and outdoor spaces such as home, garden, hotel, restaurant and re-

sort. Our exclusive wicker collection is included sofa set, bar set, lounge set, coffee set, dining set, single chair...

To keep our quality and repu- tation in the market, We always work responsibly following social practices as defined by

ILO and fulfill BSCI require- ments.

in parallel, our production and quality control processes are also complied with ISO 9001: 2015. In every furniture piece we use 100% original resin together with well power coat- ed aluminum and steel to with- stand any weather condi- tions. Furthermore, POR nev- er stops developing new mate- rials and special designs for

different customers and fu- ture markets. PORA knows wicker and it is our job to improve quality as a result of our commitment to satisfy our customer satisfaction. in fact, it shows all in our per- manent company’s slogan: “we make, you enjoy”. Hence, if there are any ideas about new design or material, just join to share with us, PORA will help make it be- coming reality. 

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