Current Trending: Resin Wicker and Rattan

At PORA wicker furniture, our commitment is simple: to provide independent retailers and distributors unique, quality furniture at unbeatable prices. We don't have multi-level pricing or play discount games to confuse you.  Within our Vietnam wicker/rattan factory, hundreds of shapes and colors are available for selection.  Daily updates and products development means to satisfy demanding wicker and rattan trend around the world now. 

Bring this fantastic material to your living spaces and take advantage of its inherited refinement that will give a new vibe to your decoration.

You might have learned a lot about furniture trends before visiting our blog and how rattan and wicker made its place in decoration industry. Those could have shown on how rattan furniture with amazing resin wicker techniques becomes sensation across the world. If you also wish to add a simple, yet sophisticated vibe to your decoration idea, then what would be better than wicker and rattan accents.


Originally seen in coastal-style homes and very popular since late 70s, these beautiful resin rattan materials are today being spotted in many living spaces other than outdoors. But currently, it has made its way to indoors as well and in a more creative way. You will find fantastic designs at Pora wicker furniture showroom.

Follow these tips to give a defined look to your rattan and wicker furniture.

# TIP NO: 1

Look for crisp, sleek lines if you have a simpler modern style decor, while curved arms are just great for country-inspired decor. No matter how you define your décor style, the beautiful textures and woven technique of rattan furniture infuses visual interest.

# TIP NO: 2

Pair an upholstered, clean-lined, sofa with a pair of rattan chairs for a striking, modern feel. If space is big issue, start with small items, like rattan trays, wicker pots, baskets, etc. Check out Sofa Set at Pora furniture for inspiration.

# TIP NO: 3

Those who have dark colored rattan and wicker furniture, sticking to pastel shades or whites on walls would be better. Light color rattan furniture can be decorated with dark toned walls. This will enrich the beauty of rattan furniture.

You may want to add one or two piece of wicker or rattan furniture to your home, to change the feel of any room from ordinary to interesting. Try on hundreds of designs from Pora furniture and you’ll see what we really mean.

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