Wicker Coffee Tables




A sitting room without a coffee table is like a book without a title. Just like a title completes a book, so a coffee table completes a living room

Maybe most of us didn’t care but there’s a thing in every living space without which a living space would not be complete. It’s a wicker coffee table. A wicker coffee table plays a pivotal role in living rooms to make family conversations more interesting with some snacks and drinks. It can be also used for cocktails and outdoors to enjoy great weather outside; these coffee tables are absolutely a part of people’s daily life. But it’s important to understand a Coffee Table’s role in Our Living space before buying it. Read our article to know more about shapes, materials and usability of coffee tables in detail.


Let’s talk about coffee table styles. Which type of coffee table suits you? Should you go with a wooden design, metallic with a glass top; or go with a rattan and wicker coffee table; should it be curved, square or rectangular? The options are never ending and at times can be too much. Whatever you decide, first think about the fashion and usability of living room furniture. For example, an oval or round coffee table is ideal if you have a young family with kids, as the round edges assures less injuries. A rectangular coffee table, on the other hand, is elegant when you want sophistication in your living space. It covers lots of area; therefore it is a good choice for big living rooms.


Coffee tables are made from different materials like wood, metal, glass styled in a traditional, contemporary or modern fashion, as per user’s choice. At our wicker furniture showroom, you can find coffee tables made with a combination of two or more materials. They can be glass with wood, rattan with wood or metal with rattan. These types of coffee tables give a beautiful look to your dull parlor. The more you look at coffee tables styles, the more you find at PORA furniture to get a unique look for your living space– be it indoor or outdoor.


There’s so much to talk about when we are discussing features and usability of coffee tables. Some Vietnamese wicker coffee tables at PORA have been designed with baskets, drawers and shelves to provide extra storage to keep your living room tidy. Coffee tables can also be used outdoor. It means you are not only providing an adorable look but also giving versatility.
We hope this article will be helpful to you in widening your knowledge of coffee tables. Do not forget to look through
porafurniture.com to find many styles of living room tables in different materials.    


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