Loungers are the best choice for you to relax. Whether you want to soak up the warmth of the sun or relax in your living area. They are great!

When you are trying to decide which lounger would suit you best, it’s wise to remember that there is a wealth of choices that can be made. You have to choose carefully the one which is right for you. It is vital to know which type of lounger really suits all your requirements, before you open your wallet. We have collected some useful information which will help you in your selection when choosing a lounger for indoors or outdoors.

Garden Lounge/ Patio Lounge

Wonderful patio loungers are functional and make being outdoors comfortable and relaxing area. Also called as garden lounges, patio lounges are always the best choice to give a fascinating look to outdoor spaces. When you are looking out for wicker patio furniture, you have a multitude of color choices. There are natural tones of wood; white, black, and light brown of wicker. There is a great selection. Colorful finishes abound in the world of outdoor furniture. If you are a big fan of bright colors and love doing different things, so our Wicker furniture is a great place for finding the best wicker furniture pieces that you may be looking for. The people who want to keep it simple can reserve bold splashes of color for cushions and statement pieces.



Sun Lounge

To relax in the sunshine, you can choose a Sun Lounge which has stylish choices of reclined seating. Starting from the wicker to wooden lounge, to double sun lounges, there is an excess of choices available at Vietnamese wicker furniture that will suit your requirements. The lounges made of metal, teak, cedar, and all-weather wicker lounger pieces available at PORA are resistant to whatever nature throws their way. So, you can spend your garden-side hours on enjoying your area as opposed to keep up the furniture.

Swimming Pool Lounge

These are always made from materials that are water-resistant. Rattan and wicker lounges are the best for the swimming pool. Nowadays, pool lounges can be used beside the pool, or set inside the pool giving you a soothing experience of the water. PORA furniture has a fantastic range of swimming pool lounges which go perfectly inside the pool or beside the pool. There are a wide choice to choose from when selecting cushions for your loungers.


Living Lounge

These days, outdoor living is getting more and more common, but indoor living still keeps important roles. For some people who want to add an extra flair of sophistication have to check out indoor lounges available at PORA moves aside or replace those bulky sofa sets with a light and very stylish outdoor lounge and let the comfort get in! Try it out with a daybed lounge, a lounge combined with a warm rug and hanging lights to set up the relaxing moods, just do the best way if you are sure!


So what are you waiting for? Come to our Vietnam wicker furniture showroom and make your garden and your indoor space more functional and comfortable with Lounges.

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