Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Wicker Furniture

Wicker is originated from a traditional material which is suitable for indoor and outdoor furniture. It is noticed for durability and toughness coupled with elegance and style.

In this modern age, it is so popular because it is easy to look after. You won’t need expensive cleaners or detergents, and you won’t need to spend hours polishing it to perfection. It is so easy to keep looking as good as new. This is some useful information on maintaining the look of your furniture


The best thing about Vietnam wicker furniture is that it is easy to maintain as compared to other furniture materials like metals or wood. You can leave it for a long time before the weather will start showing its effects and rattan will start losing its shine. At this point some easy maintenance will be required. You can check out all these caring tips for Vietnam patio wicker furniture below.

2.    Deep cleaning

Vietnamese wicker patio furniture is no difference to other furniture in your house that collects dust or grime.  It can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner by using nozzle and brush attachments or a pressure hose on a light setting so as not to damage the strands.  This will help to maintain your furniture for a long time.

3.    Stains

Wicker furniture is very durable and does not stain easily.  If there is a spillage wipe off any stain as soon as possible with a cloth. Do not scrub with anything abrasive as this may cause discoloration and damage to your furniture. If you have kids, poly rattan furniture makes a great choice for any corner of your house. It is very child friendly!!

4.    Repairing splits and cracks

Wicker furniture is very strong but after a long period of time small splits or cracks may appear. Don’t worry; these are easily repaired using a soft cloth and linseed oil.  Apply to the damaged area and let dry.  It provides a protective coating and splits and cracks miraculously disappear!

5.    Protecting it

Synthetic wicker furniture is resistant to all weather conditions but can become brittle after exposure for a long period of time. Its lifespan can be increased by keeping it in the shade and covering it with protective covers when it is not in use. 

6.    Keeping its shape

If your wicker furniture becomes moist or wet there is a danger that its shape can be distorted.  Make sure it is dry before you move or sit on it again.  This way your furniture will not bend or stretch and keep its shape.

7.    Keeping it soft

Remember to keep your wicker furniture looking good and extend its lifetime by lubricating and taking care of it. It is advisable to keep poly rattan furniture lubricated on a regular basis to avoid the brittleness.

Wicker is a material which is particularly easy to keep clean as compared to other types of furniture. By taking some extra care and by providing some protection, you could extend the life of your wicker furniture and keep it looking as good as new for years to come.


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