1.             Wicker Furniture Works

Historically Vietnamese wicker furniture  has been thought as light weight casual furniture for good reason; however Pora wicker furniture offers a way to furnish a space with style and match any color scheme and just about any setting. Wicker looks beautiful and can be used in a more formal situation like a living room or a dining room. Vietnamese wicker can be situated indoors or outdoors and look great.  It’s the nature of Vietnamese wicker furniture to suit just about any situation.

2.             Popular Vietnamese Wicker Furniture Choices

Vietnamese wicker furniture is a popular choice for people as our ranges of colors go well in just about any situation.  It’s more economical when purchasing wicker furniture to buy a complete set rather than individual pieces.  Wicker sets are generally sold in a set of four :

a. Love Seat

b. Chair

c. Coffee Table

This type of wicker set fits in beautifully with all situations.  If its natural wicker, you can use it indoors or on covered porches.  If it is resin wicker, it can be used inside or outdoors.  Regardless of its construction, it can be used in many different arrangements.  You can also buy additional pieces to complete your arrangement, but it’s worth considering buying a complete set since it will save you money.

3.             Synthetic Wicker Chair

A synthetic wicker chair is one of the most common pieces of wicker that people own.  Synthetic wicker chairs are used all around the home, on the porch and on the patio.   They are available in standard and deep seating styles.

4.             Cushions For Wicker Furniture

One of the best things about Vietnamese wicker furniture is that we can coordinate with just about any fabric. Solids, stripes and patterns all work very well with white wicker.    

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Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture




1. Introduction.


Give an attractive and elegant look to your patio space or porch with this wicker swing chair and feel the ultimate relaxation. Bring this garden furniture to your home now!

Proper and periodic maintenance of
Vietnamese Wicker Furniture is vital to insure long-term durability and customer satisfaction.


NOTE: Proper and periodic maintenance of Pora Furniture is important make sure long-term durability and customer satisfaction. Warranty may be voided if proper maintenance procedures are not followed. Users of our product are advised to follow the care guide.


2. The Care Guide.

All Weather Outdoor Finishes – Wash with a low pressure washer cleaning away grime and dirt. Synthetic wicker can be cleaned with a soft sponge and mild soapy water. Avoid hitting any aluminum parts on a hard surface to avoid denting. Any stains and spills can be cleaned with warm water and mild detergent.


Rattan Finishes – Used as vacuum with a soft bristle brush to clean dust. Be aware that exposure to sunlight may make long-term discoloration. Any water spills on the surface should be wiped off immediately. Care should be taken not to subject the rattan to extreme moisture. Dry indoor heat should be avoided. Do not dry the wicker furniture in dry indoor heat as this may cause some cracking. It is much better to wipe occasionally with a slightly damp (not wet) sponge. Never allow any rattan furniture to exposer to any severe natural elements.



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Wicker Furniture Trends: Giving a relaxed Feeling to Your Home

Furniture is one of the most important things in your home which gains a lot of attention from guests. Furniture can represent your personality and taste so it is important to pick the right furniture that suit your individual style and give your home a fresh feeling.

Let’s take a look at the top furniture trends in 2016:


1.    Outdoor Furniture used inside the house.

More and more outdoor wicker furniture is being displayed indoors in interior decorating and furniture shows making it a wonderful furniture trend. So, bring those deck chairs in from your garden and set them in your living room. Try to remain classy and do everything with a dash of sophistication so it looks like the chairs or tables are there purposefully, rather than as a temporary replacement. Aged metals, glass, wicker and natural wood are popular options – and you can find them all at our  Wicker furniture factory.



2.     Metallic Marvels:

Exposure of metallic in the fashion world has increased in recent times, and now this trend is rocking furniture as well. From golden leather sofas to gray, blue and silver recliners, most of the celebrity homes are updated with metallic furniture shines these days. Why not spruce up your home with some shiny metallic?




3.     Small Furniture:

Little is in! Since uncluttered rooms and open space is a requirement of today, it’s time to get rid of those bulky furniture items from your house. Let your home take a deep breath with some small and smart furniture. It’s not just those side tables and chairs which are getting smaller, you will find a lot of compact furniture items in Pora’s list that will create more space for you.

4.    Going Green:

This is not a new fact, but people are now looking out for things that are environmentally friendly – which has given birth to a new trend of Going Green in the furniture industry too. This means that it is important to use recyclable material such as rattan or can as a pose to environmentally hazardous materials such as plastic. Furniture made from cane or rattan is not just environmentally friendly, but are made stylishly and are long lasting. So why not go for something that makes you feel green?



Remember, furniture trends should not to be confused with fads, which are fickle, but should be seen as the undercurrents that can create a stylish and comfortable home.


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Go Rusty with Rattan Living Room Furniture.

If you are a fan of superior fashions and want to combine that look in your home, this is a great article for you! Vintage styles are assimilated with earthy and rusty looks which may be easily adopted by putting up some poly rattan furniture.


Why Rattan?

Rattan is one of the strongest and hardwearing natural materials, widely used in making outdoor and indoor furniture of different styles. The best thing about rattan is that it can be molded into other patterns to make a unique range of rattan chairs, tables, and decor items. The best variations can be found in living room furniture – it can be indoor or outdoor. So what’s better than going with rusty Rattan parlors furniture?


Best Area for Rattan Furniture

A living room is the center of every home, so it ought to look more elegant than other areas. That’s why we should pay more attention while picking the decorations and furniture for living rooms to make it more welcoming. In this way rattan furniture makes good sense for those who want to implement a warm and welcoming impression in their living space.


Why Choose Rusty Look?

Rustic homes are warm, inviting and slightly reminiscent of old fashioned country living. The warm and earthy tones of Pora Wicker Furniture create a perfect homely vibe that’s perfect to have a relaxed evening meal or peace downtime with family and friends. Rusty living spaces provide closeness to nature that is really wonderful. Also, this look can be incorporated in all types of interiors be it modern, contemporary, or classic.


How to Enhance the Rusty Look?

The lightweight rattan furniture and mixture of minimal ceramic and glass accessories will help to give a modernized look to the living space. If you have some sturdy timber furniture in the room, then complement it with some rattan lamps, rattan side tables, rattan ottomans or rattan sills to fetch an earthy atmosphere. Freshen up the room with some spicy or floral potpourri or woody fragrances for more enhanced aromas. This will definitely lift your rusty home settings up! Rattan frames on paintings will absolutely ooze up the natural flair of the room.

You can catch many styles of rattan furniture at Pora. Our wicker furniture factory holds a great array of finely crafted living room rattan furniture pieces.We very understanding of the needs of our customers and therefore offer the service of personalizing furniture in order to meet the requirements of each individual customer’s living space. So, what are you waiting for? Go get a rusty look for your living room with rattan furniture from our Vietnamese wicker furniture.

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Loungers are the best choice for you to relax. Whether you want to soak up the warmth of the sun or relax in your living area. They are great!

When you are trying to decide which lounger would suit you best, it’s wise to remember that there is a wealth of choices that can be made. You have to choose carefully the one which is right for you. It is vital to know which type of lounger really suits all your requirements, before you open your wallet. We have collected some useful information which will help you in your selection when choosing a lounger for indoors or outdoors.

Garden Lounge/ Patio Lounge

Wonderful patio loungers are functional and make being outdoors comfortable and relaxing area. Also called as garden lounges, patio lounges are always the best choice to give a fascinating look to outdoor spaces. When you are looking out for wicker patio furniture, you have a multitude of color choices. There are natural tones of wood; white, black, and light brown of wicker. There is a great selection. Colorful finishes abound in the world of outdoor furniture. If you are a big fan of bright colors and love doing different things, so our Wicker furniture is a great place for finding the best wicker furniture pieces that you may be looking for. The people who want to keep it simple can reserve bold splashes of color for cushions and statement pieces.



Sun Lounge

To relax in the sunshine, you can choose a Sun Lounge which has stylish choices of reclined seating. Starting from the wicker to wooden lounge, to double sun lounges, there is an excess of choices available at Vietnamese wicker furniture that will suit your requirements. The lounges made of metal, teak, cedar, and all-weather wicker lounger pieces available at PORA are resistant to whatever nature throws their way. So, you can spend your garden-side hours on enjoying your area as opposed to keep up the furniture.

Swimming Pool Lounge

These are always made from materials that are water-resistant. Rattan and wicker lounges are the best for the swimming pool. Nowadays, pool lounges can be used beside the pool, or set inside the pool giving you a soothing experience of the water. PORA furniture has a fantastic range of swimming pool lounges which go perfectly inside the pool or beside the pool. There are a wide choice to choose from when selecting cushions for your loungers.


Living Lounge

These days, outdoor living is getting more and more common, but indoor living still keeps important roles. For some people who want to add an extra flair of sophistication have to check out indoor lounges available at PORA moves aside or replace those bulky sofa sets with a light and very stylish outdoor lounge and let the comfort get in! Try it out with a daybed lounge, a lounge combined with a warm rug and hanging lights to set up the relaxing moods, just do the best way if you are sure!


So what are you waiting for? Come to our Vietnam wicker furniture showroom and make your garden and your indoor space more functional and comfortable with Lounges.

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Living Room Design Ideas

Living Room Design Ideas



Living Room Design Ideas – “A full redecoration

Based on the plan of your home, your living room can cater for many purposes. For your family, it can help as a sitting room used for relaxing, reading, and entertainment. For your visitors, it serves as a conventional sitting area. Regardless of its purpose, a great living room has a comfortable area or a sofa, a coffee table, or a main piece like a stove or an entertainment center (maybe even both).

As you start to redesign your living room, you should consider the purpose of the space. Add a beautiful stove mantel for a formal atmosphere and a worthwhile investment; while a built-in TV console might work best in a low-key setting. After establishing the tone, think about what kind of storage would be best. Shelves and built-in cabinets are great extras, while a coffee table will make sure there is a large of area for family meetings or parties. Finally, make sure you bring some charm to the area with fun décor such as- rugs, paintings, curtains and lamps.

Top 4 Fashionable and Contemporary Living Room Design concepts are as follows:

1.Sofas and Sectionals: For sofas and sectionals you can choose the latest styles from PORA such as rectangular sofas in 3 and 5 pieces, usually. These pieces can work fantastically well as stand-alone equipment. They are made in many various materials with contemporary patterns or floral designs. Some of these fashionable furniture pieces also echo coastal, mid-century and cottage/country style framework, and can be a wonderful addition to your sitting room if you prefer a blend of the old and the new.

2.Coffee Tables and Focal Points: Coffee tables start conversations while people are enjoying a cup of freshly made coffee.  Furthermore, they are spurring of the moment seats for little kids. They have many uses and are designed in various shapes and styles, that they make a wonderful piece of furniture kept in the living room, even when they do not have anything on them. For an absolutely beautiful center piece, keep the Poly rattan coffee table in a corner and show fresh flowers in a china vase, alternatively use books and china bowls to decorate your table.

3.Table Lamps: How much thought have you given to the table lamp that you would like to showcase in your parlor ? The right lampshade can change the dull internals into something admirable, while the wrong shade may not show well even on the most brilliant interiors.

4.Resin wicker Rocking Chairs: Selecting resin wicker furniture  for your sitting room would add that component of beauty to your area . Choose from our wide range of Vietnamese poly rattan furniture for your elegant chair, live-test it to check its strength. An intricately carved wooden rocking chair when placed next to your sofa or sectionals will add a taste of the yesteryear’s to your contemporary Art Deco.

With these fabulous fashionable furniture options, you can come to PORA to redesign your parlor and add new depth to space.

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Furniture and Accessories for Your Home


Furnishing your home can be a very exciting task, whether you have a new home or just fancy a change there are lots of possibilities.

It takes lots of time to choose which type of furniture and accessories suit the different rooms in your home. It is better to choose furniture which caters to all different rooms, from your living room to your bedroom.

PORA makes it easier for you with its wide selection of furniture crafted from rattan, cane and wood. Just read on and learn how to best furnish your home.


Here’s how to do it:

1. It is constantly suggested to select accessories and furniture on a small scale. If you do not have a large home, it will be easier to move and place them in various parts of your home.

2. Storage is in short supply in most houses. Select furniture pieces like chest of drawers and armoires that offer storing or hanging space. These can be used in a bedroom, parlor, lobby, bathroom, and lots of others areas and allows items to be stored efficiently without cluttering your home.

3. When furnishing a living room or family room, try choosing two loveseats rather than one huge sofa. Loveseats can be used to form a corner seating area, can be put opposite to each other to create a conversation spot, or simply put them separately in different rooms of your home – as per what your area demands. Or, simply opt for a rattan and wicker sofa set if you wish to have one as it is easier to move than those densely packed sofas.  

4. Try selecting neutral and natural colored furniture such as tan, camel, navy, dark green, or black. This color will be your “anchor” color. Vietnam Poly rattan furniture holds an amazing variety of colored furniture items that will definitely enhance your home decor.

5. Gather a collection of cushions, fabrics, and elegant accessories to harmonize with your anchor color. You can checkout various Indonesian decor items at our Wicker furniture factory as well. With this, you’ll be able to change the look with seasons, giving your furniture a new, fresh look throughout the year. A red loveseat for example, would look great with green and yellow floral cushions for summer or black and white cushions for winter. 

6. Select a color scheme that fits with your taste and stick with it. Start with white (or your chosen anchor color) and select fabrics and accessories complimenting that color scheme. If you carry the colors throughout your home, you’ll be able to move furniture and accessories from room to room. They’ll look great wherever you place them.

7. Don’t be afraid of experimenting! Find out what works best for the room in present situation. If you’ve selected items with versatility in mind, you’ll end up with an arrangement that’s just right!

8. Try using slipcovers to change the look of sofas and chairs without making big investment.

9. Be adventurous with tables. Choose amusing bases, tables with storage or plate glass tops.

10. Buy lamps, armchairs, vases and cushions in pairs. They’ll add symmetry and continuity to a room. As you move, this will also provide the option of using each piece in separate room if necessary.

Hope these suggestions gave you some ideas on how to give your home a unique look!

Keep tracking PORA furniture for more articles on furniture and current trends    

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Difference between Wicker Furniture and Rattan Furniture

If you are looking for wonderful Vietnamese outdoor or indoor patio furniture, you may have seen these two materials many times– Wicker Furniture and Rattan Furniture. The point is – some people think that wicker and rattan are the same, and some believe that these are very alike. Wicker and Rattan can be interchangeable which may cause problems in maintenance of furniture. Despite the fact that wicker and rattan furniture fall under similar category, there is still an extraordinary difference between them. This blog will highlight the differences between wicker and rattan furniture o you can choose what is right for you.

What is Rattan?

Although rattan is similar to the palm tree, it’s not a tree! It is a kind of a vine that grows very quickly in tropical and sub-tropical regions of South Eastern countries like Vietnam. For this reason it is also known as climbing palms.

Main Qualities of Rattan:

Growing in the shape of a pole, rattan reaches the diameter between one to three inches when fully grown. It also has the ability to grow to one hundred feet, rattan is thought of as one of the strongest woods and is used in making various furniture styles.

Unlike the bamboo pole, rattan has a strong centre, is very hardwearing and even more difficult to break. The solid centre of rattan as well as the vertical grains is harvested, and is chopped into smaller pieces and is usually steamed to give assorted shapes. The skin outside of the rattan pole, the peel, is usually used as binding for furniture joints.

What is Wicker?

Wicker is a material made of plant stalks, branches or shoots formed by a kind of weaving into a rigid material, most often used for baskets or furniture. In fact, it is an ancient technique and is used to produce numerous items out of natural materials, such as willow, rush, cane, rattan core and more. Natural wicker is well known for its strength and durability, and for the high level of beauty and comfort that an expert craftsman can produce. The materials are produced when wet so they can be easily woven to create different designs and patterns in furniture pieces. For more information, have a look at our different wicker furniture styles at our wicker furniture factory.

Rattan is a specific material, hence rattan furniture can be crafted out of rattan only, but wicker furniture may be crafted out of different materials such as bamboo, straw and even rattan. Recently, synthetic materials are also being used to manufacture various wicker furnishings. Hope this article has helped you to develop an understanding of the differences between rattan and wicker.

Check PORA furniture article that tells lots of useful information about rattan furniture and wicker furniture separately.

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Wicker Coffee Tables




A sitting room without a coffee table is like a book without a title. Just like a title completes a book, so a coffee table completes a living room

Maybe most of us didn’t care but there’s a thing in every living space without which a living space would not be complete. It’s a wicker coffee table. A wicker coffee table plays a pivotal role in living rooms to make family conversations more interesting with some snacks and drinks. It can be also used for cocktails and outdoors to enjoy great weather outside; these coffee tables are absolutely a part of people’s daily life. But it’s important to understand a Coffee Table’s role in Our Living space before buying it. Read our article to know more about shapes, materials and usability of coffee tables in detail.


Let’s talk about coffee table styles. Which type of coffee table suits you? Should you go with a wooden design, metallic with a glass top; or go with a rattan and wicker coffee table; should it be curved, square or rectangular? The options are never ending and at times can be too much. Whatever you decide, first think about the fashion and usability of living room furniture. For example, an oval or round coffee table is ideal if you have a young family with kids, as the round edges assures less injuries. A rectangular coffee table, on the other hand, is elegant when you want sophistication in your living space. It covers lots of area; therefore it is a good choice for big living rooms.


Coffee tables are made from different materials like wood, metal, glass styled in a traditional, contemporary or modern fashion, as per user’s choice. At our wicker furniture showroom, you can find coffee tables made with a combination of two or more materials. They can be glass with wood, rattan with wood or metal with rattan. These types of coffee tables give a beautiful look to your dull parlor. The more you look at coffee tables styles, the more you find at PORA furniture to get a unique look for your living space– be it indoor or outdoor.


There’s so much to talk about when we are discussing features and usability of coffee tables. Some Vietnamese wicker coffee tables at PORA have been designed with baskets, drawers and shelves to provide extra storage to keep your living room tidy. Coffee tables can also be used outdoor. It means you are not only providing an adorable look but also giving versatility.
We hope this article will be helpful to you in widening your knowledge of coffee tables. Do not forget to look through
porafurniture.com to find many styles of living room tables in different materials.    


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Current Trending: Resin Wicker and Rattan

At PORA wicker furniture, our commitment is simple: to provide independent retailers and distributors unique, quality furniture at unbeatable prices. We don't have multi-level pricing or play discount games to confuse you.  Within our Vietnam wicker/rattan factory, hundreds of shapes and colors are available for selection.  Daily updates and products development means to satisfy demanding wicker and rattan trend around the world now. 

Bring this fantastic material to your living spaces and take advantage of its inherited refinement that will give a new vibe to your decoration.

You might have learned a lot about furniture trends before visiting our blog and how rattan and wicker made its place in decoration industry. Those could have shown on how rattan furniture with amazing resin wicker techniques becomes sensation across the world. If you also wish to add a simple, yet sophisticated vibe to your decoration idea, then what would be better than wicker and rattan accents.


Originally seen in coastal-style homes and very popular since late 70s, these beautiful resin rattan materials are today being spotted in many living spaces other than outdoors. But currently, it has made its way to indoors as well and in a more creative way. You will find fantastic designs at Pora wicker furniture showroom.

Follow these tips to give a defined look to your rattan and wicker furniture.

# TIP NO: 1

Look for crisp, sleek lines if you have a simpler modern style decor, while curved arms are just great for country-inspired decor. No matter how you define your décor style, the beautiful textures and woven technique of rattan furniture infuses visual interest.

# TIP NO: 2

Pair an upholstered, clean-lined, sofa with a pair of rattan chairs for a striking, modern feel. If space is big issue, start with small items, like rattan trays, wicker pots, baskets, etc. Check out Sofa Set at Pora furniture for inspiration.

# TIP NO: 3

Those who have dark colored rattan and wicker furniture, sticking to pastel shades or whites on walls would be better. Light color rattan furniture can be decorated with dark toned walls. This will enrich the beauty of rattan furniture.

You may want to add one or two piece of wicker or rattan furniture to your home, to change the feel of any room from ordinary to interesting. Try on hundreds of designs from Pora furniture and you’ll see what we really mean.

Don’t forget to check out more fantastic furniture trends and tips at Pora furniture Blog or You can catch latest trends of Pora Website

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